Let's start with the Military Swords.  I tried to collect a sample of the different types of military swords used by the Japanese Military from 1877 to 1945.  The Model 1892 Cavalry Sword continues to elude me.  It's the one with the brass and wood hilt, if you have one and want to part with it, I'll try to make you happy... 

Most of the swords on this rack are very pristine or rare or both.  You probably will not see any of these swords for sale elsewhere on this site because if I sell one of these it would be very difficult to replace and for that reason I don't consider them for sale.   However, you may want one of these swords more than I, so serious buying offers do not offend me and sometimes they are interesting.  Rarity, beauty and condition, that's what I like in a sword.  I'm not going to go in great detail on these but just give you a brief overview of the sword because most of you know what you are looking at.  OK, here we go..


My Gunto Rack


From the top down #1 thru #12 are as follows:

 #1   Special Police pristine mounts with signed Koto Blade.                                                 

#2   Model 1886 Army Officer's Kyu Gunto with a 27.5 in signed Samurai Blade.                

#3   WWII Japanese Army Officer's Parade Dress Sword Model 1886, mint condition.        

         #4   Model 1883 Naval Officer's Kyu Gunto, with a signed Naohiro (Taisho Era) bohi blade.***

   #5  Model 1914 Naval Officer's Parade Sword with matching mounts to #4, Mint condition.

          #6  Model 1937 Naval Officer's Kai Gunto with a signed Gendaito Blade in excellent Condition. 

              #7  Model 1934 Army Officer's Shin Gunto Sword with Mint mountings, a Mumei Gendaito Blade.

                             #8  Model 1934Army Officer's Shin Gunto Sword, Mint mounting and excellent Koa Isshin Mantetsu Blade.

      #9  Late 1944 Army Officer's Shin Gunto Excellent mountings and signed blade.                      

                 #10  Model 1935 Army NCO Sword with matching numbers captured on Luzon Island January 1945.

      #11   Late War NCO Sword with wood hilt, good clean example.                                                 

    #12   Type 32 Cavalry Sword with original leather finger loop and tassel.                                 

*** This Sword has been replaced with another Model 1883 with a HORII HIDEAKI Blade.


Here Ya Go!  My personal Samurai Rack

Thanks for waiting.  Top is a Koto Kunimune, 2nd is an Excellent Sue Bizen, etc

I'll try to list the others a bit later. 


More to come..



                                                           Tachi Kake  $35 K                             Late Edo Yoroi Complete                     Personal Samurai Sword Rack

                                                          Tachi Not Included                                     $12,500.00



     Thanks for looking, Sam